Frozen Pizza


Have you ever had an entire frozen pizza to yourself?!

Just like "screw it, this baby is all mine"?!

Recently I did this. 

For health reasons, I don't recommend this practice on the regular. But believe it or not, I find it quite therapeutic!

Anytime you can say "fuck it" and detach from reality for a few moments I consider it a win. I guess for me it's frozen pizza. But it really can be anything...a solo walk, loud music, shutting off your phone. This kind of detachment is a completely passive, yet a super powerful form of self-care. Sometimes you need to shut off the world around you. Forget the "norms". And connect with yourself. Feel those damn feels you normally would shove into a corner. The guilt, the anger, the embarrassment. These are all normal, human feelings. We react because they are not happy, positive feelings. They are automatically considered negative which puts us in a funk. Once you recognize them though, you find how do deal which ultimately leads to growth. *Insert "the more you know" commercial*

A couple pointers before you go and flip off the world...1. This is great is small doses. Too much detachment and that could lead you down a darker path. I'm not a doctor or psych but if you find yourself there, find one of those peeps ASAP. 2. Let the people around you know. You don't want hubs or the kids to think you've tapped into your inner emo girl and this is the "new" you. But instead explain you need a bit of time to yourself, or some loud death metal, or an entire frozen pizza. More than likely, they'll be ok with it. They might even turn the oven on for you!



  1. Yes, yes, YES. I am a big one for sitting with a pint of Ben and Jerry's. I get it.


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