Signs You Need to Slow Down

 When I was a kid, an average summer day lasted about 37 hours. 

Now as an adult, I'm lucky if they last 6.

June came in with a bang and it hasn't slowed down yet. We started the month by hopping a plane to Annapolis for a weekend long music festival. Then we came back to wrap up the school year. Not only did my kiddos finish their sophomore year of high school, but I left my decade-long stent at the elementary school I was working at. Sprinkle in some graduation happenings, everyday life, along with navigating life as a newly self-employed business owner, and you end up here.

Here being the end of June with a wicked head cold and a mound of work piling up. And oh, wanting to actually enjoy summer.

The woman in me was trucking along. Do it all and chugging NyQuil on the side. 


When you run a million miles an hour, you can expect some fatigue. As a self-care coach, you would think I would know that. But such as life, it happens to all of us! So what could I have done? What were the signs I should start pumping the breaks? Hindsight is always 20/20 and I'm here to give you some clear insight on the some of the signs when you need to slow your roll.


If your planner, calendar, or whatever you keep track of your shit on is looking like a page out of a book, it's time to slow down. Yes, there are going to be non-negotiables that you can't avoid. But if there is anything, I mean ANYTHING you can cross off or reschedule, do it. There is nothing worse than feeling you need to be in a hundred places at the same time. Not possible. Totally understandable. People will move on.


I'm the last person to be giving advice on healthy eating and exercise. BUT I will say that eating like shit for weeks straight isn't exactly the best either. It's so hard when you're go-go-go. You want something that is fast and easy. I get it. When you can though, really stop and squeeze some healthy stuff in. Water is always an amazing option. The importance of being hydrated cannot be stressed enough! Skip the add-ons like fries and shakes. Get some easy to grab fruits like apples and bananas. Walk or stretch when you have down time. Little bumps of health can make all the difference.


Mood swings much? If you're slightly moodier than usual and you don't have any monthly problems going on, this may be another sign you need to slow the hell down. Snapping at everyone around you isn't a pretty look. The added stress you're experiencing may not only manifest into physical symptoms but it will effect your emotional health too. 

...and when you finally do slow down a bit...


Who's standards are you living up to daily? Is there a stone engraved somewhere in your house that says certain shit needs to get done everyday? Doubtful. As long as everyone is fed and well, call it a win. I kid you not when I say I have had our vacuum sitting in our living room waiting to be used for a week. It's so simple and will take minutes of my time but it's just not priority when I'm feeling like crap. 

Being sick is no fun. Being sick in the summer straight up sucks ass. So slow down and really take care of yourself (if you need ideas on where to start, look here). 

And as the old saying goes...

Check yourself, before you wreck yourself.



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