Hi. I'm new here.

What the hell am I doing here?!

Writing?! Nix that. Blogging?!

Listen, us creatives have a voice too. And personally, I have a rather loud one. And since I’m normally working with my hands most of the time, this is just one more way for the masses to hear me.

It’s also a way for me personally to “get it all out there”. I love my social media communities, but such as life on those platforms, when people see a lot of words they tend to scroll right on past. No matter how cool my shit is. So this is my way to expand on my thoughts and share said thoughts with a bigger audience.

I’m really pumped you stumbled upon this! Hopefully you’ll be back for more. Like every other aspect in my life and business, I want the vibe to be low-key and chill. Like I’m just hanging, having real-life convos with my friends. Sometimes it will come off blunt. But for those who don't know me, that’s who I am. I don’t sugarcoat it when it comes to shit I'm passionate about.

One of my BIGGEST passions, self-care.

Why is it so important? Why should you give a damn? Why should I give a damn?

Because you are an amazing human in this amazing world. And in order to keep up that amazingness, you need to take control and take care of your damn self! Often, people don't have that someone in their life to kick them in the ass and tell them these things. Hi. I'd love to be that person. To kick your ass when you need it, provide insight to aspects you may overlook, show you cool-ass shit to use when you stop to take care of yourself, and just that person that can tell you what's up without hard feelings and BS attached.

Self-care is more than a trend.

It’s completely personal. 

Absolutely necessary. 

And so very simple.

With that being said, welcome. I love that you took time out of your day to read this. It means you give a damn. I plan on frequenting this spot with more thoughts and topics. Some of which with hope, will resonate with you and you'll be back for more.

talk soon,



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