My Top 3 Self-Care Tips

This seems like long time coming, right?!

Self-care always seems so trendy. Like you hear it on TV or see an ad for it and all of a sudden you're like "shit! I gotta do that!". 


That's where I come in. And give you a wicked side eye for not practicing on the regular...

We, as a society, need to realize that it's PREVENTION over REACTION. I shouldn't have to lose my shit in order to get a pedi. I shouldn't have to get a pedi every time I think I'm gonna lose my shit.

Don't get me wrong, I love me a good pedi or trip to the spa. But that isn't always a realistic option. Hell, it's not even an 'on-the-regular' option for me or a lot of other busy women I know. 

So what are some really easy and accessible ways to get to a mental place of zen? How do you reel it back in when you're on the ledge? And how do you know when to use your self-care strategies?

Here are my top three tips for those that are like me and need something fast, easy, and can be used over and over again. Both for prevention and reaction.

1. Breathe. It is the simplest of all techniques and my personal fav. Taking a moment for a deep, grounding breath could make all the difference between a civil interaction and ripping someone's head off. It also can greatly improve physical aspects like lowering your heart rate and relaxing your muscles. Next time you're going a million miles an hour, stop and take a damn breath!

2. Move. Now trust me when I say, I am not an active person. So by me telling you this, it must be legit. If a cardio work-out releases stress for you, go for it. I'm all about a good walk myself. Really, anything that provides a change of scenery. Get outta the space you're in and move around. This is not only great as a reactive measure when you need to step away from a situation but when we talk about prevention, once you return to your task, you'll feel much more motivated to get it done. 

3. Smell. Your sense of smell is the strongest sense we have. It can trigger memories as well as create them. It can transport us to another place and make us never want to leave one. Light a candle, diffuse some oils, hell...wear some oils! Try to match the intention you're going for with a certain scent. For example, if you need a boost of energy, the citrus oils in my Sunshine in a Bottle is perfect. 

All of these are super simple methods you can pull out of your back pocket at anytime! 

But please don't wait until you're hanging by a thread. Try implementing them throughout your day and then notice how your mood changes over time when you practice PREVENTION over REACTION.



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