Simple Self-Care...Outdoors!

 I will be the first to tell you, I'm not what you call "out-doorsy". 

I hate sweating. The first bug bite I get, I run inside. And if there isn't modern plumbing, forget it.


There is something to be said about the power of nature. Just walking from your backdoor to your deck is like entering a different world. A world that seems to instantly slow down and make everything wrong, right.

Over the years I have learned super simple ways (cause if you haven't learned yet, I'm all about efficiency) to soak up the power of the outdoors and harness it into your self-care rituals.

1. Walk barefoot.

We call them "summer feet" around my house. If they aren't permanently dirty for three months, you're doing it wrong. Going outside and walking barefoot is the easiest way to energetically connect and ground yourself. It's also called earthing. You can get all science-y here, but basically when you connect with the earth's electrons, you are not only reaping physiological benefits, you are also getting psychological bennies too! Meaning its good for the mind and body!

2. Connect with water.

This. Is something I can get down with! Whether it's the ocean, lake, stream, river, hell..even a swimming pool. There is nothing like being weightless and literally floating your worries away. Since the beginning of time, water has been used to cleanse. Cleanse not only physically but you can use water to cleanse your energy. As you sit in a body of water, affirm "I flow like water. I am open to receive."

3. Listen to nature.

Have you ever just sat outside and listened?! Like literally sit there with a clear mind and focus on what you're hearing? It's quite amazing. Even if you're in a bustling city, you can still stop to differentiate the birds from the cars. It puts a perspective on what is going on around you. Those birds are still chirping even though you had a shitty day. The crickets are still buzzing even though you burnt your dinner...

4. Garden.

This is so scary to some people. Mostly because they are afraid of failure. What if it doesn't grow?! I don't have a green thumb...blah blah blah. What's the worst that could happen? The plant dies and you try again! Getting those hands dirty is actually one of the most soothing, grounding activities there is. And the satisfaction when what you're growing actually flourishes is unmatched!

Once you get out there, I'm sure you'll find your own favs. Just remember TO GET YOUR ASS OUT THERE!



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